Reviews for Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control

Ironflight's book, Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control
Ironflight’s book, Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control, releases July 14, 2020.

Ironflight’s new book from Hatchett Book Group, Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control, released in July 2020. Reviews are coming in as folks have a chance to read it.

Editorial Reviews from the book’s dustcover:

Shuttle, Houston gives us tremendous insight on the Mission Control Center. Paul Dye captures the awe and amazement of being part of that team. His wonderful explanations of how everyone works together and his understanding of the science and history will fascinate anyone who appreciates the dynamic world of human space exploration.Shannon Lucid, former Astronaut

An excellent portrait of Mission Control, the teams, and the later missions. This should be required reading for anyone aspiring to be part of human space flight, as well as all scientists, engineers, project managers of any kind, and anyone considering a career in a highly complex field or program.Gene Kranz, Former Flight Director, NASA, and author Failure Is Not an Option

Paul Dye pulls back the curtain on what it takes to be a Flight Controller, then a Flight Director in Mission Control. Like him, I’ve been both. Shuttle, Houston should not only entertain the casual, interested reader, but it should be invaluable to anyone aspiring to work in the ‘Center Seat’ whether that’s in Mission Control or any other business or leadership position.Milt Heflin, NASA 1966-2013, Retired, Johnson Space Center Chief Flight Director, 2001-2004, and coauthor of Go, Flight!

I learned many of these lessons from Paul Dye as he taught me and two decades more of Mission Control leaders the ropes, in exactly these words! His guidance is as valuable today in any leadership setting as it always was. Paul Sean Hill, Retired NASA Flight Director and Director of Mission Operations, and author of Leadership from the Mission Control Room to the Boardroom

A passionate look at the U.S. space shuttle program….The author fondly recalls in scrupulous detail the highlights of his three-decade career as a top NASA flight controller… both engaging and informative….The author’s simple anecdotes about everyday working life at mission control that make for the most readable, entertaining sections….Dye’s memoir is a balanced mix of moments both banal and breathtaking. ―Kirkus Reviews

A fascinating insight into the inner workings of NASA.Booklist

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