The Essence of Excellence in Leadership

Ironflight's book, Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control
Ironflight’s book, Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control, releases July 14, 2020.

A Book Review

We talk a lot about leadership, true leadership, but few men and women really understand what it means and how it reveals itself in the toughest of situations.

Paul Dye’s book Shuttle, Houston, puts excellence in leadership on full display and when you finish the book you will understand why this special talent is such a rare commodity. Through vivid, gripping stories, we experience firsthand the delicate balance between lives and technology, between passion and motives, and between courage and fear.

Reading this riveting account of our space program in its heyday reminds us that this was a time when we were both adept and advanced in our management of the relationships between technical excellence, human passion, and scientific thinking. To this day we have not been able to replicate this superior combination of skill and understanding of human capabilities.

Paul writes like he talks, with a direct and captivating storytelling style that commands our interest. I can see now the sparkle in his eyes as I recall the stories I have heard in person. From start to finish the book draws you in to the same positive energy and excitement.

The book fills a void in the history of space exploration that no one else has provided. The delicate balancing act between human emotion and aspiration with time management and the details of physics and technology are now told in a masterpiece that appropriately kicks off our next stage of human space exploration.

If we can get back to where we were with Dye in charge then we will be on our way.

Review by Lisa Turner 7/14/20