Ironflight's book, Shuttle, Houston: Life in the Center Seat of Mission Control

Human Space Flight Director, Pilot, Aircraft Builder, Writer, and Editor

Paul Dye has over 40 years of aviation experience as an engineer, builder and pilot. His scope has ranged from restoring J-3 Cubs to planning and leading manned spaceflights. His love of flying machines dates back to early childhood, and he became involved with full-sized aircraft as a teenager, rebuilding J-3 Cubs with an FBO in Minnesota. He earned his degree in Aeronautical Engineering with a specialization in aircraft design and flight testing from the University of Minnesota in 1982. He worked in increasingly responsible roles within the US Manned Space Program since that time, both as a technical expert in spacecraft systems and eventually as the overall lead of many missions to space. He retired from NASA in 2013 as the longest-serving Flight Director in U.S. history. The winner of many prestigious awards, he delights in bringing the lessons learned from the most advanced flight operations back to the general aviation world for pilots and builders to understand. He is well-known as a risk-management specialist, and advises designers and builders – as well as pilots – on ways to build and operate aircraft with greater margins of safety. He is a Leadership Consultant and speaker available to corporations and groups who wish to better their organizations and people.


Paul F. Dye served as NASA's longest serving Flight Director. Learn more under Fields of Expertise.


Paul has been involved with general aviation for over 40 years. Learn more under Fields of Expertise.


Paul is prolific space flight, homebuilt aircraft, and general aviation to writer and editor. Learn more under Fields of Expertise.