Blogs, articles, and videos from the past

Ironflight posts short articles and videos reflecting on his extensive experiences in human space flight


Ironflight Paul F. Dye posts thoughts and reminisces about human space flight in various forums, including on his Facebook page.

Digital Apollo — Thoughts on Automation

Memories of the Master (John Young)

You Don’t Have to Go

Meeting with Apollo Legends

Critical Burn

Commercial Space

Meeting Your Heroes

Packing 11 people in Launch and Entry Suits into the Space Shuttle

The Original Apollo Headset

The Last Space Shuttle Generic Free Flight Simulations

NASA Shuttle Flight Control Center Gallery


The Johnson Space Center asked NASA’s longest-serving Flight Director, Ironflight Paul F. Dye, to discuss what a Flight Director looks for in front-room flight controllers. This series of very short videos provides his perspective based on his experience as NASA’s longest-serving Flight Director.

Muses on Being a Flight Director Upon My Retirement

Think Like a Flight Director

Watch Others Sim

Don’t Rush into Bad Comm

Tell FLT the Time you Need

Explaining Your Call

Fast Talk When Stressed

Flight Directors Are Not God

Ironflight also posts short articles and videos about building and flying homebuilt airplanes


Road to Lower Accident Rates

You Don’t Have to Go

Adding Rigor

First Tires

Choice and Consequences


Kitplanes Editor Paul Dye on Homebuilts – At AirVenture 2015, Ironflight gave us his six top reasons for joining the homebuilt community.

Aircraft Tour-Paul Dye’s RV3 – At Sun ‘n Fun 2013, Ironflight flew his RV-3 into Lakeland. In this video, he gives us a tour of the airplane’s unique design and construction.

Journey of Van’s Aircraft RV-1 – Ironflight discovered the original RV-1 neglected in a hangar near Houston and initiated the RV-1 restoration project. This video talks about the project, the people, and the cross-continent, two-country tour the historic plane made on its journey to permanent residence in the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

KITPLANES Flies the SubSonex MicroJet – Join Ironflight as he flies the new SubSonex micro jet.

Van’s Aircraft Original “RV-1” – AvWeb spoke with Ironflight and got a close look at RV-1 at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida.

FLIR Video of Night Approach to RWY26 at Big Bear Lake – Video begins on left downwind and continues to a low pass and climb. It shows FLIR screen, Synthetic Vision, and view out windshield – all at night.

Synthetic Vision over Big Bear Lake, CA – Synthetic video of the Big Bear Lake area of California, including an approach to Runway 08 at Big Bear City.

Flying Down from Big Bear Lake, CA – Video shot from RV-8 as part of a demonstration of the Grand Rapids Technology Synthetic Vision EFIS.

GRT All the Bells and Whistles – Demonstration of new software features (Flight Director) in Beta Test for the Grand Rapids HX EFIS.

Synthetic Vision Approach in the Mountains – This is video of a Grand Rapids Technology EFIS on appraoch to Big Bear Lake in the San Bernadino Mountains of California.

ILS Approach into Carlsbad, CA – ILS in an RV-8 with GRT Synthetic Vision, and Tru Trak Autopilot.

A Little Acro Break – When you’ve spent the day working on an upgrade project, it’s nice to have your flying RV-8 to take up for a little R&R!